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Welcome to the Terraform tips and coding blog

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

As this will be my first official post on the newly created blog & website I want to welcome everybody who stops by! My name is Christoffer and my goal with this website is very simple; To teach, guide, help and support anyone who is working with Terraform or anything related to DevOps in general. See below for a more detailed section about me:

  • Full name: Christoffer Windahl Madsen

  • Country of origin: Denmark

  • Age: 29

  • Experince: 8 years working in Azure. 1 year working in Azure DevOps & 1 year working with Terraform and other IaC tools and processes

  • Pasions: Terraform, IaC, Automation, problem solving

In the process of developing this website & blog, my aim is to make it easy for anyone in terms of navigating through the site and the content, therefore the website is designed with simplicity in mind.

Thank you so much for visiting my website & blog. I am committed to ensuring that every post I create is designed in a manner that allows individuals with a basic understanding of any coding language to easily follow along. Stay tuned for a lot of Terraform tips and coding on this blog.

Start reading my blog, which can be found on the following sub page -> If you enjoy the content or have any questions or comments, please add this to the specific blog post. Furthermore, you can subscribe for free and be notified every time a new blog post is getting published ->

Finally, to learn more about me, my interests or competencies, please visit the page "About me" which can be found here ->

Christoffer over and out :- ) PS. My linkedin ->

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